Thursday, October 17, 2013

Update post: Goals for 2013

We are about halfway into fall, so I thought it was time to review the status on my goals for fall/winter 2013.
Anyone can write a list of goals, but there´s no point in writing them down if you´re not going to pursue them!
The trick is to keep your list close to you, review it from time to time and divide it into steps of What to do Next.
Enough about that - Here´s my updated list of goals:
I don´t want to check of the Photoshop class, because the class isn´t finished. I´m about halfway through the course - and it´s SO much fun! 

I feel that I´m slacking of on my Personal Goals, and that´s not good.. I checked of weekly menus, but in reality we decided that didn´t work for us* (*more about this in an upcoming post!), and the Fall Cleaning isn´t finished..
I think I need to prioritize my Personal Goals better, and maybe add a few more things that I need to do for my own well-being..

But I´m super-satisified with my progress on my Business Goals! Things are really starting to happen, and I´m so grateful for every step I take with my business.

Have a great Thursday!

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