Monday, October 7, 2013

Why I love Mondays - And why You should too!

A very wise woman once told me that if you hate Mondays, you are probably not living the life you want to live. We had a long talk about this, and the more I think about it - the more I agree.

Of course you´re allowed to LOVE weekends and all that comes with them - but Mondays (and Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) are also Your Life. So if you only LOVE 2-3 weekdays - You´re missing out on 4 days a week, EVERY week, not feeling happy and in love with your life.
And who wants to live like that?

I know I didn´t. Since that talk I have really strived to Love my Mondays, and the rest of the weekdays as well. I don´t want to spend my days wishing away for better days to come.
Here are some of the main reasons toWhy I Love Mondays (and all other weekdays):
- I love my job
No, this is not just a "happy coincidence", this is something that I have strived to pursue and managed to achieve. It´s a result of choices that I have made in my life. (Thank you Anna! You´re Welcome Anna.)
I´m excited to go to work and I mostly love the work I do. Simple as that.
- Mondays are a Fresh Start!
I love the feeling of fresh starts, another chance to make a big change - It feels like anything is possible!
- I love my fiancé
He makes me happy every day, and every morning waking up next to him fills me up with gratitude.
(That sounded really over the top - but it´s true!)
- I love my friends and family
And every day is an opportunity to hang out with them!
- I have a weekly schedule to spread out Boring Week-stuff and ChillOut-time
*I will write more about this in a seperate post - Too much info right now!

But for all of you Monday-haters out there - let´s get to the bottom of this, shall we?
What´s the real problem about weekdays? You hate your job? You´re in a rut? You hate getting up in the morning?
Take a pen and a piece of paper and write down everything you don´t like about your weekdays.
That list could look something like this:

Ok, well done!
Now your job is the find solutions to all the things you wrote down on your list.
#BitchesBeLike: WHUT?!
I´m sorry ladies, but it´s YOUR responsibility to make sure that YOU are as happy as possible for the majority of all days of your Life.

When going through the list, finding solutions - Try to think like a best friend or a therapist. What would you say if your best friend came to you with these problems?
Scribble away and be creative!

You get the picture! The primary goal is to be more in love with your weekdays, and start seeing them as what they really are: Your Life!

Let´s finish this post of with my favorite Quote:

Happy Monday everyone!

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