Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It´s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

My favorite time of the year has FINALLY arrived!
I thought I´d share some of my DIY-projects for this years Christmas-Craft:

Mini-gingerbread-houses to hang on your hot chocolate.
How cute is this?

Christmas stockings to hang on our fireplace.

Snowflake gingerbread cookies with icing? Genious!

Beautiful to have a framed number as a christmas decoration. In my (swedish) case the number would be 24 - and in sparkling gold!

Giftwrapping is like heroin to me. Absolutely love this with the brown wrapping paper and a wreath.

Also love the idea of making a framed picture of a deer silhouette.
Can this be in sparkling gold as well…? LOVE sparkles!

I would love to make a christmas-photo-wall above the fireplace. So beautiful!

It´s far to say that our apartment looks like Christmas overload at the moment. I have about 3 ongoing projects at the same time.. Hope to have time to fulfill all my DIY-wishes for this season!

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