Friday, February 28, 2014

Keep going in the right direction

I printed out some of these pictures today to put on my inspiration board in front of my desk.
The main purpose is to keep my focus on how I want the products to be perceived - AND to keep focus on 2 of my biggest goals:

1. The center image shows my CEO office view, 5 years from now. Love the idea of glass doors in an office,
I don´t want to be too unavailable to my employees.. :)
2. Having my products on all my favorite bloggers desks. The desk in the lower right corner belongs to The Doctor's Closet

I can easily get confused and shattered when it comes to developing the products, I tend to forget my original thought if I don´t stop and think about things.
Maybe that´s common when developing a whole collection of products at the same time?
Anyway, having images like this literally in front of my face when I´m working helps remind me what kind of products style and product quality I should be aiming for.

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