Thursday, July 3, 2014

BLOG TOUR - Part 1 Fashion Edition

Illustration by me

Året var 2006 när jag av någon anledning snubblade in på bloggen Englas Showroom. Jag visste inte vad en blogg var första gången jag hamnade hos henne, men jag började följa henne och sedan dess har jag läst bloggar regelbundet på nästan daglig basis.

Idag - 8 år senare - finns det lite olika typer av bloggar jag följer. Jag brukar alltid inleda min dag med en runda bloggar som inpirerar inför min arbetsdag och på kvällarna brukar jag köra en runda med mer personliga o feelgood-bloggar.

Jag är själv alltid på jakt efter nya inspirerande bloggar, så jag hoppas att detta inlägget kan ge någon av er en Ny Favorit Blogg!
Jag får inte riktigt plats med alla jag följer i ett inlägg, så vi får göra det till en liten serie!

//The year was 2006 when I for some reason wound up on Englas Showroom. I didn´t even know what a blog was back then, but I started following her and ever since then I have been following blogs regularly on an almost daily basis.

Today - 8 years later - there are some different cathegories of blogs I follow. I usually start my day with a tour of blogs that inpire me for my upcoming workday and at nights I usually do a tour of more personal feelgood-blogs.

I´m always on the search of new inspiring blogs, so I hope this post will bring you a new blog to follow!
I can´t really fit in all the ones I follow in one post, so we´ll make it into a little series!


Några av bloggarna jag följer för mode och trend-inspiration utan inbördes ordning
//Some of the blogs I follow for fashion and trend-inspiration in no particular order

Anine Bing

Swedish/Danish blogger living in LA. Has her own brand of clothing that I could probably chop my arm of for. Crave. Vings.

Sincerely Jules

LA-blogger with incredible sense of style. Wears alot of prints and colors that I would LOVE to wear myself, but unfortunately I always wind up getting stuff in Black.

Lovely Pepa

This girl, Alexandra, named her blog after her OH So Adorable Dog Pepa. She makes me want to move to Spain, buy a french bulldog and color my hair brown (would also probably need to loose 40 pounds)

The Doctors Closet

The Ultimate inspiration for interior and accessories of all kinds is this Canadian blogger. She just started her own webshop with products and accessories she loves - This could probably be the best idea of the century.

Angelica Blick

In my opinion the best fashion blogger in Sweden. This girl does not get enough cred. EVERY outfit post she uploads has better quality and is more professional than any editorials in your average fashion magazine.

Atlantic Pacific

Words can not describe the feeling when I found her blog. I have pinned SO many of her outfits on Pinterest, but never even considered that she was a blogger - How could I NOT see this?
Correct answer: I´m an idiot.


Har du några favorit-bloggar du vill dela med dig av? Skriv gärna i kommentarsfältet!

//Do you have any favourite blogs to share? Feel free to write in the comment section!

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  1. There´s another Swedish blogger I love, Victoria Torngren. Sweden really has alot of great bloggers!